In a world where renewables are now the most affordable energy source, reliable electricity and fuel without the negative effects of pollution and emission of greenhouse gases are available to all. Families and children can have light in their homes to study, access to medicines requiring refrigeration and mobile telephone recharging, and communities have the opportunity to create small businesses to provide income generation. Many countries have started to implement policies and adopt legislation to harness renewable resources; water, sun, wind, geothermal and biomass — to produce electricity, heat and fuel. As the world moves towards adoption of renewable energy as a key source of energy production, the role of parliamentarians has been and will remain critical in developing legislation required to create and deliver access to energy from renewable sources.

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Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy, a toolkit for legislators in Africa


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Innovative mini-grid models in Nigeria


In a bid to significantly scale up its rural electrification, Nigeria has undertaken several progressive reforms to advance solar mini-grids. The core objective of these reforms is to promote a stable investment environment for the private sector that ensures returns and minimises risks. The most significant as well as replicable reforms on this front are the following: 1) a cost-reflective multi-year tariff model that ensures a fair return on investment while providing a fair cost for rural customers with the help of an online tool (see MYTO document); 2) safeguarding measures for developers in case of grid extension by distribution utilities: and 3) a results-based financing framework that offers incentives subject to successful implementation (see Mini-grid regulation).

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