Fibre optic cables co-deployment along highways and railway tracks



Fibre optic cables (FOC) and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) co-deployment along highways and railway tracks provides a robust network for reliable and efficient information and communication technology (ICT) linked services. FOC is a critical component for enabling greater digitalisation, smartness and higher interlinking for sustainability interventions in the transport and energy sector. It can generate additional benefits for the railways as helpful media for basic signalling, train control and management of services for safe and efficient operations. Telecom service providers can obtain high profits with minimum investment by building the fibre network without the need for land ownership. This can help them provide services in remote rural areas, generating new demand and creating jobs, bringing along economic and social co-benefits.

Transport and Communication Strategy, Goal 2023



Turkey has prepared the Transport and Communication Strategy 2023 detailing its plan to make the country a hub for a fibre optic cables (FOC) network for its neighbouring countries. Terrestrial networks along railways and highways and submarine cables along the coasts are being built to have a nation-wide network to provide broadband services without capacity limit. With such an ambitious plan in place, Turkey expects to attract international investment in this sector. Turkey aims to utilise its strong network to advance its plans for digitalisation of energy and transport and to create smart cities. Turkey recently completed a smart highway including 1.3 million meters of fibre optic cable.