Our original research and analysis on climate & renewable energy policy


If we could power the world from sun, wind and water, we would largely eliminate the main cause of global warming: fossil fuel emissions.  We could also make each region energy independent, ensure access to energy for all, save millions of lives lost every year to heart and lung disease from pollution, and avoid the coming price crunch as supplies of oil and gas dwindle.


We believe that the world’s legislators can help make this happen. To support their efforts, we conduct and commission original research and analysis into the economic, social and technical aspects of renewable energy policy, and produce guides designed to help the MPs in our regional networks implement sustainable policies to catalyse the clean energy transition. 

Policy Reports and Research


Detailed, in-depth policy documents, long-form research and analysis – including model legislation, country assessments, guides for policymakers, and policy toolkits.

Ideas Bank


The Ideas Bank contains a wealth of policy nuggets – short, snappy ideas on a wide range of different topics, including energy access, efficiency, and renewable policy.

Event Reports

Summary reports on all of our recent fora, hearings, and parliamentary meetings can be found in the Event Reports section.